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I Am Really Back

July 31, 2006

I just bought a new computer so I do not have to go to the library in 100% heat, can pick some Gobal Warming stocks and report back to you,  dream about the great hawk watching in Texas in September, plan my Costa Rican adventures, get very sad about the demise of the polar bear in a very short window of time and lament many days in grizzly country as the bear begins a slow, but obvious decline, in population.

I have a very cute daughter who is three, a son who is 12, a son who is 22, a daughter who is 24 (all of my children are special and cute). I wonder what is going through their mind as they deal with what seems like an ordinary issue, Global Warming, to them, as the earth changes. It will!

The changes will be obvious to my older children, but the changes may be dramatic, but not so obvious, to my younger children.

I have had a blessed, easy going childhood, and a neat adult period that included frequent trips to Glacier National Park, Montana,  since 1972. This park has changed dramatically in the past ten years. I saw no improvement this year. I have watched the change, for years, and now it is noticable to me!

I do not have a pile of income but I plan to devote the rest of my life to trying to do what I can to change the Global Warmth of the planet. Like Gore I believe it is a moral imperitive.



Global Warming stock

July 29, 2006

I fully believe Global Warming is a reality. I am going to pick some Global Warming stocks like alternative forms of energy and tell you how I do.


About Global warming

July 27, 2006

Please watch the Discovery Channel, with Tom Browkaw, about Global Warming. It is a great television addition to the Gore Movie, An Inconvieniant Truth,about the same topic. There is a good comeback to the naysayers of Global Warming in the Browkaw show! Do not miss this one. A lot of good Polar Bear facts are in the Discovery channel show. You will have to look it up yourself. The Discovery channel shoespremium telivision throughout the month. Look in the late-night section.

Yesterdays Washhington Post has a small article entitled Warming Is Said to Threaton 12 Parks. I have contended for a long time that warming will impact the grizzly, becauser it will impact the bear’s diet. This article elludes that the dynamic that will happen this century.

Two days ago in the Washington Post is an article Its Not California Dreaming, about Carbon policy fixes and biofuel. It is worth the read for all global warming advocates, who believe in small changes. Again worth the read.

I saw Cudzouu and Tree of Heavan in the D.C. area last week, as I came North with a moving van. Both are exotic plants that proliferarte in warmer climates. Their presence here is very scary to me.

I will be on this site on/off for the next two weeks. I would be more specific about Global Warming Viewing Times, but I am at the library until my wife buys a new computer for our home.


Lake Frank

July 21, 2006

Rockville Maryland is a great place to birdwatch. I highly recommend RockCreek Park in migration and Lake Frank for exercise as well as birds.

Thank you for the kind Post.


Agree and Disagree

July 21, 2006

I am back and read, with great interest, the few comments on my site.

While I disagree with some, and think we have to do a lot with Global Warming, I agree with some of the things said. While not trying to seem naive about who is too blame I am trying not to get caught up in the “blame game”. It, Global Warming, is happening. How do we stop it before it is too late? I am not sure but I have some ideas that will help in a small way. Maybe it will take all 6 billion of us to do something small?

While I can tell you a lot about bears, birds and whales, I profess to know very little about Gobal Warming, only the little I believe and have espoused thus far.

This is a blog and differing points of view are fair game. It is obvious to me the field is not level on Global Warmth issues…yet.


I Am Back

July 20, 2006

After a long trip to North Cascades NP, Mt. Saint Helens NM, Crater Lake NP, Mount Rainier NP, Olympic NP and  a visit to some old friends and relatives, I am back. I birded and built up a list of birds I have seen, but this time better or I was more appreciative of what I saw.

 I am in Georgia, where it is hot and Ralph Reed was turned back in his bid for Luetenant Govenor.

That it is scorching hot lends a lot of credance to Gore’view. That Ralph Reed was turned out in a Red-Colored State means that politically things are tumbling left in time to deal with theb issue of Global Warming. This is good because the “Bushies” are not dealing with it as an issue, and will probably not.

The left has its share of doubting persons, but it has the people who will to take on this hard issue, at least I hope so. It remains to be seen.

Thus the trip. Hopefully not my last. We shall see!


Hello From Southwest Washington

July 4, 2006

We are going to Mount Saint Helens for the fourth. We have had a great trip. The top bird has been the Red-breasted Sapsucker on top of the North Cascades.  We have seen many relatives and my best friend, who birds, and I grew up with. Happy fourth.