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Best Wishes to Gore

February 26, 2007

Last night I watched the Academy Awards because I like Forest Whitiker and Helen Mirren, I did not know she was much, other than Masterpiece Theatre, when I was a younger adult. When I think of her, sexual does not come to mind first.

I was rooting for Gore and  Inconvieniant Truth. The movie, documentary, was ready for an Oscar. It went up against some other worthies but the scope of his topic was huge and Gore is such a smart man (he most certainly is). The award for music by Melisa Ethridge was cream on an otherwise sweet cake. This award was timely and really could not have happened to a better person. His joke about running for the American President and the fact that he has the attention of such notorieties as Leonardo Decaprio adds weight. I wish I could say who produced or directed such a good film, but I cant. It is known in most circles as the Gore film on Global Warming, and I am no different. Next stop…Nobel Peace Prize!



I Am back From Africa

February 22, 2007

Africa was great!!!!I saw 316 new birds. That is a lot. I saw a leopard for 20 minutes, several cheetetah, and several lions plus many Hyenas, monkeys, including baboons and many of the hooved animals. Elephants were quite commen. So were Rhinos. At least in the Ngorongoro. I thought the Serengeti was huge. The teetsee flys were bad. We drove gas hogs across bad to very bad roads. Our guides were great and they need a civil rights movement in Africa. I have wanted to view wildlife there for most of my life. It was well worth it.

Not many person’s read this site. I am starting a new global warming initiative called the Large Carnivore Network. I am reviewing a website proposal for the group. I am going down doing something I know about, this stuff; and putting my money, what little I have, where my mouth is. I want to do something with meaning. Continue to read more about it and join me on the ground floor. I will tell you how as I progress.!!!


Some Good Web Sites

February 6, 2007

For those aware read Glen Barries Eclogical Intelligence. It can be found on the web. I have found his information to be quite good. I also read the Texas Hawks site then go to Hazel Bazemore’s site. It is quite good for the bird nerd. I look at Carnivore Conservation a lot, and any good Global Warming site. I put a high preemium on graphics, with minimalized verbage, but must admit I am not a chemist; some are. It is still no fun to read hard things at any length, and you keep saying “I do not have time for this now!”.If you are unfamiliar with global warming look it up on Wikipedia. It is there.


Who Should Read!

February 5, 2007

Sceptics of global warming should not read this site! I am not a sceptic about global warming! Partisans should not read this, this is an everybody issue, it has taken the Dems of the US a long time to get on board. The bus will leave without Cheney… Who cares! Bush may, or may not, get on board, again, who cares? Know one under 18 should read this site because their brain is still fuzing, and anyone who still uses the word hommie is, either a Federline type, or some sort of cartoon character. Yes my skin is thin. I just tell myself it is water off a ducks back.

For the past two years I have been partially disabled but my mind still works, and I climb hills faster this year than I did last.


A lot on Global Warming!

February 5, 2007

Since I last wrote on this blog a lot has happened in Global Warming  policy. Just read your local  or National paper. If you use the web for your news its there for sure. Jon Stewart, of the Daily show has panned Global Warming, for a year, on Comedy Central. Even the Pundits, like Chris Matthews or Tim Russett, are asking about Global Warming. Thank Goodness someone of Gore’s stature is pounding on the Policy elite, and media.


Global Warming Now!!!

February 5, 2007

It is early. I cannot sleep. The Colts won the Super Bowl. I was one of those “reward a ball to Peyton”, especially after he has entertained us for a long time, and I remember Archie Manning (Peytons Dad) of the “aints”. I even remember Johnny Unitus of the Baltimore Colts, I was a boy!

I truelly believe Global Warming is going to overwhelm the Super Bowl Process within a Decade, and I wear the Super Bowl as an American tradition, but I am no jock.

I have seen every Super Bowl since the begining.

Prince is far better than Janet Jackson, but he is an eighties kind of guy, and I was already going to Soccer Games, and well into fatherhood when he first came out,

I really think our fall from this dearth will be hard or softer, depending on us. That is why I am edgy today…shouldlnt I be!


To Africa

February 4, 2007


This Thursday I am off to Africa to fulfill a lifelong dream, looking for mammals and birds. I am primarily going to Tanzania National Parks. Some of the mammals like the lion and leopard I hope to see before global warming eliminates them. I hope it does not happen, but fear that it will in spite of what we do. It is kind of like Iraq- “dammed if you do dammed if you dont”, a lose-lose, that we seem to be losing time in, both in global warming and in  Iraq.