Global Warming Now!!!

It is early. I cannot sleep. The Colts won the Super Bowl. I was one of those “reward a ball to Peyton”, especially after he has entertained us for a long time, and I remember Archie Manning (Peytons Dad) of the “aints”. I even remember Johnny Unitus of the Baltimore Colts, I was a boy!

I truelly believe Global Warming is going to overwhelm the Super Bowl Process within a Decade, and I wear the Super Bowl as an American tradition, but I am no jock.

I have seen every Super Bowl since the begining.

Prince is far better than Janet Jackson, but he is an eighties kind of guy, and I was already going to Soccer Games, and well into fatherhood when he first came out,

I really think our fall from this dearth will be hard or softer, depending on us. That is why I am edgy today…shouldlnt I be!



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