I Am back From Africa

Africa was great!!!!I saw 316 new birds. That is a lot. I saw a leopard for 20 minutes, several cheetetah, and several lions plus many Hyenas, monkeys, including baboons and many of the hooved animals. Elephants were quite commen. So were Rhinos. At least in the Ngorongoro. I thought the Serengeti was huge. The teetsee flys were bad. We drove gas hogs across bad to very bad roads. Our guides were great and they need a civil rights movement in Africa. I have wanted to view wildlife there for most of my life. It was well worth it.

Not many person’s read this site. I am starting a new global warming initiative called the Large Carnivore Network. I am reviewing a website proposal for the group. I am going down doing something I know about, this stuff; and putting my money, what little I have, where my mouth is. I want to do something with meaning. Continue to read more about it and join me on the ground floor. I will tell you how as I progress.!!!



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