Best Wishes to Gore

Last night I watched the Academy Awards because I like Forest Whitiker and Helen Mirren, I did not know she was much, other than Masterpiece Theatre, when I was a younger adult. When I think of her, sexual does not come to mind first.

I was rooting for Gore and  Inconvieniant Truth. The movie, documentary, was ready for an Oscar. It went up against some other worthies but the scope of his topic was huge and Gore is such a smart man (he most certainly is). The award for music by Melisa Ethridge was cream on an otherwise sweet cake. This award was timely and really could not have happened to a better person. His joke about running for the American President and the fact that he has the attention of such notorieties as Leonardo Decaprio adds weight. I wish I could say who produced or directed such a good film, but I cant. It is known in most circles as the Gore film on Global Warming, and I am no different. Next stop…Nobel Peace Prize!



5 Responses to “Best Wishes to Gore”

  1. mydigest Says:

    Ought one to hope that Al Gore DOES, or does NOT, live long enough to see the popular wisdom flock away from fantasy to reality? For the time MUST inevitably come when HUMAN-CAUSE to climate variation is seen to have been junk-science, mistaken, in error, and motivated by Marxist misanthropy.

    Al tries SO hard, and he would be useful if he could drop the cited but invalid motivation for reducing pollution, and champion it because clean air, soil and water is better for our health. Meanwhile, the climate will vary as it always has, subject to the whims of incoming cosmic and solar radiation, plus in-house wildfire and vulcanism.

    I see peering from the face of Al Gore something bothering him. Its name is doubt. In a corner inside his troubled mind is the niggling knowledge that he has read this type of crap before, if only he could recall where. I can tell him. It is in Old Testament superstitious doomsaying. Cy Quick at

  2. grizzleo Says:

    My guess is that there is some doubt in Gore, just like me. I have been around and in science for 30 years and know how to make a judgement about it. Maybe I should sit on my hands and watch, so should the former VP of thge US. Lets get real!!! 10 years ago nothing was being discussed.

  3. mydigest Says:

    I do not not understand your “10 years ago, nothing was being discussed”. Anyway, the Channel 4 program “The Global Warming Swindle” has now said all that needs to be said. It remains to be seen whether the momentum set going by the Marxist-Green-Fascists is enough to sweep aside Swindle so that EU and USA carry on with the moronic folly.

    I expect they will. After all, Prohibition (as opposed to Intelligent Regulation) of mind-altering substances is still going strong despite the best efforts of Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Rolling Stone coming out for Repeal. But I am retired and planning the end. Fuck the younger generations. Let them get wise or go to Hell. It is not my problem.

    Cy Quick at

  4. Reid Says:

    I am not of the younger generation. I think I agree with you. I do not understand the policy issue you are disscussing, and I am not sure that the readers of this blog do.

    Ten years ago I was the Executive Director of a wildlife conservation group. I read environmental things everyday, as far as I know no one was talking about global warming as a priority. If I am wrong, shame on me!!! I have known about global warming as a prospective wildlife issue for 20 years and am glad it is a priority in USA now. Clarification of sorts. I just finished reading a 2003 book on biodiversity. It was about 300 pages. Edited by very smart people! Global Warming,as an issue, is not mentioned once…Sorry you are having a hard time with my viewpoint.

  5. mydigest Says:

    I remember when there was one side saying Earth was about to freeze up because of human activity and another saying it was a warm up that we were causing. It was in the 1970s. The recent Channel 4 TV program (Nigel Calder prominent) really did give the whole picture. If you cannot get a repeat to watch via More 4 or some other channel, see if it is available via the C4 website.

    I mentioned the issue of ‘Drugs War’, or as I put it Prohibition and the need for Repeal. The general majority of people fail to see that if we went back in time 150 years and prevented Prohibition from being instituted it would enable us to avoid all the Hell that we have caused. Therefore, why not Repeal Prohibition now, and gradually repeair the damage done by this moronic Puritan intervention in the natural social market force?

    Prohibition and the Hell of its consequences has ratcheted up, decade by decade. Instead, we ought to have brought in intelligent regulation whereby idiots (18+) who wanted alcohol, niccotine, canabis sativa, erythroxylon coca, papaver somniferum or any other pleasent but dangerous stuff could have it without interfering busy-bodies sticking in their damn oar.

    Prohibition has presided over the formation of gangs, turf war, violent crime for fund-raising, adulteration and consequent health problems, and criminal involvement leading to pushing. Prohibition is the cause of all the ills of the so-called drugs war.

    After Repeal, and under Intelligent Regulation, the users would be accessing advice each time they made a purchase, if they wanted it. I threw this issue in because it is the biggest example of counter-productive, stupid law-passing in present vogue. It is disappointing that we are now going to enact laws intended to protect us from an imagined danger. Humans have not caused climate variation. Variation is in itself natural and harmless. The C4 program told the truth.

    My feeble attempt to put the anti Green/Marxist Fascist case appears on on one or two of the pages clickable in the sidebar. Cy

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