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Todays Washington Post

March 31, 2007

If you have todays Washington Post see the editorial page for the article Extint Sense. (can be seen on line in todays editorial pageĀ or will come to small town stores in 1 or 2 days.) The opinion is about just how hard it is today to manage Endangered Species under this current administration. It will not get any play among the Media Elite, but it is what most of us expected. Hopefully this view of science will change, soon enough. I hope the Ms. McDonald, named in the op-ed,will be gone from Interior. My feeling is a lot of people need to scrutinize her behavior now. These people are managing the policy of our Federal endangered wildlife.



Inhofe from Oklahoma

March 30, 2007

This guy is a definite person not to liston to on Global Warming. He will drown us all with his perspective. If you think his type went out with WATT, think again, “There back!”


New Site

March 19, 2007

Over the next two weeks I am going to build a website called the Large Carnivore Network. It will be a site that features Large Carnivores and issues of their conservation, the largest issue looming out there being Global Warming, and in the short term population expansion, habitat alteration and the trade in animal parts. I know something about each of these issues for large carnivores; probably enough to be dangerous. If you know a lot about these issues, please write me and tell me what you know. Your information, with your permission, might be published by me in the next couple of weeks on my website and an associated newsletter. I will send it far and wide. Thank you.


Another Website

March 10, 2007

Check out the Union of Concerned Scientists website. Look at their Science of Global Warming and Global Warming 101, Both, excellant for the beginer.


Global Warming Site!

March 9, 2007


I should warn you ahead of time that if you do not believe that global warming is a real phenomina you probably should not read this site. I think global warming is very real.


Teetsee Flys

March 9, 2007

I wanted to mention them yesterday. If you have a problem with biting flies, the Serengeti was loaded with biting teetse fies. They were especially bad in the warm afternoons. They were in the Yellow Acacia thickets of the Savahna.


This Years Hi-lites

March 8, 2007

Even though I have substantially slowed down, I still had some wildlife hi-lites that I would reccommend to anyone.

I revisted many of the NW USA National Parks, one with a childhood friend. I guess to see my friend still birding after all these years was great.

In Texas it was the shear number of hawks. I have seen a lot of Mississippi Kites, but I was past their migration, I saw a few though and 3, 100,000 hawk days. You have to reach out and train your eyes but it is worth it.

In Costa Rica I was birding with very good and friendly birders and saw two days of River of Raptor migration. The hawks were right there. I also saw 6 King Vultures during this flight. Iwas in Costa Rica at La Selva and Corcovado National Park for 2 weeks, no tour.

What can I say about Africa. Everything was a hi-lite to me. If anything it was too short a trip. Some of the hi-lites were twenty minutes with a marking (everything) leopard, a 19 cat day (most of those were lions), 15 Tawney Eagles, a Giant Eagl-Owl (used to be Verouxs Owl), Secratary Birds, 5 Martial EaglesĀ , 5 Batuelar Eagles and two Pymy Falcons. Birds were everywhere, especially both species of Flamingo and Egyption Goose.