New Consensus

While I am building my new website, as many of you are aware 2000 scientists and more than 120 governments, gave a grim climate report saying that many of the worst scenarios about global warming are true. Many of the naysayers can say what they want and not believe in global warming effects or that global climate warming is, or is not, man caused. I also say that we as scientists should be paying attention, much like we did when Racheal Carson was writing. If the temperature rises just 3.6 percent above the average temperature of the eighties and nineties of last century, nearly a third of the species on earth will vanish. My opinion is that most of these will be carnivores or obscure groups like the amphibians. I say that with great deferance to these groundbreaking biologists. We should be paying attention, there is no sky falling as far as I can see.



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