Read Sundays Washington Post (If you can.)

There are 2 global warming articles on A6 of the first section of the Washington Post. One is chilling titled Military Sharpens Focus on Climate Change  and on the same page is Interior Reviewed Studies Weighing Risks to Polar Bears. Both are by Juliet Ellperin, who has reported hard on global warming for the Post.

If you are from out of the Washinton D.C. area the Post can be found in your local smalltown newsstore. If you have a computer, these articles are on yesterday’s, website, or today’s Washington Post archives for news stories. They were in Yesterday’s papers. Both articles should be read if you believe, like most of us, global warming is happening. The Military article emphasizes foreign countries and security. Think Patriot Act and acting now, which is very important.

I led an unorganised global warming hike on Saturday to Hughs Hollow, MD. There were 7 of us. I had my 4 year old daughter. Bill Mcibben, the author, is one of the people behind this global warming organization.

I had several, very friendly Dutch women, on the hike. They were nice and did not mind the informality of the hike. They hiked much faster than us. It was very wet. Hughes Hollow was full of birders and 1 dog-man. We heard a lot of young turkey hunters (Fortunately away from HH) blasting their shotguns after 9 AM, which is unheard of exept at the local target range. I hope the turkeys, no turkeys or they (hunters) were shooting at air. Well there should not be turkey hunters along the C and O Canal ( A National Park), but there was too much water to cross;only in April, because a month ago it was dry and water started at Violets Lock, a mile or two, down the Canal.



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