Happy Earth Day and More

Earth Day for some, is a joyous occasion. It is a mixed bag for me!!! Anyways Happy Earth Day!

On global warming Juliet Ellperin has been busy in the Washington Post again on this topic. See the Friday Post for more or go on line to Washingtonpost.com, or small and locally the Washington Post will be in newsstores tommorow or Sunday. I should say most News Stores, not all.

Ellperins latest for those who have the paper is on A-20. the first section of Friday’s very busy news day. Most Americans, including this one, believe in global warming and think the US government should do more to stop it. Or we should. Do not wait a minute for this admionistration!

It is a top ten issue on “people who know lists”. It is number 1 on mine. I have 4 children, and the “baby boomers” are not as healthy as thought (also in today’s Post), and education and job welfare is an issue of real concern to me. Sobering to say the least.

I am not a prophet of gloom but I have a lot of reasons to be fearful today, and that is new to my life. How about yours?


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