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May 14, 2007

To put the above pole into context, the one about women attitude and global warming; 28%  of women are sceptical of global warming, those are Bushes aprroval numbers and 9% believe that nothing can be done about global warming, its too late. The rest do not care or know nothing about global warming. By far, the majority of women see global warming as real and still believe it is resolvable if we act now.


Cape May New Jersey

May 12, 2007

I am still working on my new web site. I am such a techno-phobe. I spent 2 weeks in Cape May New Jersey taking 2 courses through the Cape May Birding Observatory: Birding by ear and Warblers . I birded by myself when I was not in the courses. Cape May is an amazing place. I saw a lot of birds. I heard some disheartening news about global warming; that is that the temperature will rize in my home city of Washington D.C. to 110 degrees by 2080. I cannot even imagine that in D.C., where it is hot in the summer already. Lets say that it is one third true. That is hot! I was really down and helpless about that news. So I focused on birding, which was all I can do for now.

The good news is that 45% of woman believe in global warming and  think global warming is a fixable problem. That is heartning, but let s get started for the sake of this earth.