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Political Babysteps

June 28, 2007

I have nothing to lose. Good for Blair and Schwarznegger, at least they are pushing Global Warming now, although Blair has little to lose (He needs to make up ground for his mistake in Iraq, this is a good way in my eyes). Read the Washington Post June 27, 2007, by Mary Jordn article entititled A United Call to Fight Warming.



June 28, 2007

There is an article in the Saturday June 16, 2007, in the Washington Post by Ban Ki Moon called A Climate Culprit In Darfur. Not to focus on a sad (for many reasons) problem. Read the article (archived by now) on line, and think desertification. This plight will be more common on the pages of the Post as we move forward (one can hope) in the next ten years. I am out of the closet, I am not feeling optimistic about Global Warming these days!!!!

Advertising Supplement In Washington Post

June 12, 2007

Today in the Washington Post is an advertising supplement called Environmental Leadership.

I looked at all the ads to make sure it was not paid for by the oil companies, and by saying it is good I have mud on my face because of big oil!! 

 It has features about many good guys in the global warming debate!!!Boxer, a senator from California has been great, Bill Clinton has been as good as he can be, and he inspires way more confidence on this issue than Bush or (no surprises) Cheney. They are featured with Arnold Shwarznegger, and he has been good as a Governor can be. No Gore and that concerns me. Or should it?

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is deservedly featured in this issue. Honda has a full page ad. That is much better than GMC, not because I like Honda better than GMC, but on this grounbreaking issue (Global Warming, Honda is much better than GMC). BP is in the back as an advertiser and there is a Shell logo on the front, but the Washington Post has been among the best papers on Global Warming. Help me out here? I do not mean Spaqmmers. I am going to watch very closely for them and will clean any spammers out!!!!! This is way to important for their junk!!!! Am I naive here? This is remaniscent of “Their is a Tiger in your tank” for Exxon-Mobile and their much needed help to the right people, at least some of the right people.