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Firms Seek Cuts In Greenhouse Gas Emissions

November 30, 2007

First, there is a very good article written by the first lady (at least in the Washington Post, of Global Warming articles), Juliet Eilperin. The article is titled, 150 Global Firms Seek Manditory Cuts in Greenhouse Gas Emissions, on page A3 of today’s Washington Post.

At first blush my eyebrows are raised by companies like Coca Cola and GE. I am not used to seeing those companies wear any kind of Green. It will take some getting used to.

I am an old dog at environmentalizm, so give me some time to get used to this unholy alliance. For now, it seems to work. We will see a lot of that in Bali and I am sure my eyes will raize some more. “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks!”

I believe thats the old addage my parents used. I have something in my throat. I will catch up. This is what I am skeptical about .

What I do see is that enemies are way ahead of old friends on this one. I had better get used to it. So should you. Eilperin writes a good piece!read it.



What is IPCC?

November 29, 2007

IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change. They are a United Nations entity. They share the Nobel Peace Prize with Gore and they wrote a real grim report on Global Warming that should be taken seriously and read by everyone who can read English, Chinese, Russian French or Spanish. A technical summary is available in Arabic.

Just type this, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in on your URL Bar and the computer will take you to the IPCC site.

I read a book titled, The Big Cats and their fossil relatives, from 1997 by Alan Turner and beautifully illustrated by Mauricio Anton. It talks about climate change as seen by paleobiologists. If you are deeply interested in the prospective impacts of Climate Change on Carnivores read this.

We may be at the end of an interglacial period. Human activity will exacerbate  Climate Change and it will make the Climate Change worse. The IPCC report tells how. At least read that report, you cannot miss it if you care about this issue!!!!!!!!!!!!


Polar bear population on thin ice

November 27, 2007

Above is the name of a very good article on the status of polar bears that I find to be the best article on the plight of the polar bear. I draw a lot of my concern from the likes of this article, which can either be found in the Toronto Star on November 26 or in Carnivore News (on the 26th of November) which I read every day in the Ursid (which means bear in Latin) section of Carnivore News. I am no “bambiest” on any wildlife. As a youth I did my share of trigger pulling on hooved mammals.

A little about Ian Stirling. He has studied, and been around polar bears a long time. His book, Polar Bears, photographed by the great Dan Guravich, who I new to photograph the polar bear progression in Churchill, Manitoba each Fall, is not in print. There are some very good books out there on the polar bear and this article, in the Toronto Star, is a great one written by Ed Struzik, an Atkinson Fellow. If anyone knows about polar bears, Ian Stirling does.

In the article he reports about the increase in polar bears observed at Baffin Island’s, Davis Strait in th high Canadian Arctic. This is not at all in refute. This occurs in an area where the polar bear is hunted and at the border of three sub-populations and the likes of Lomborg, the skeptical enviro, cites this circumstance.

Stirling, who knows more about polar bears than Lomborg will ever know in his tainted lifetime, acknowledges the increase of polar bears at Davis Strait but cautions the observer that he, and I must say other very good polar bear biologists such as Steve Amstrup of Alaska, are seeing polar bears drown and other things.  Over the long-term he has witnessed a 22% decrease in polar bear populations.

As seals go so goes the polar bear. Seals are a primary food of the polar bear. Polar bears will only be a small bit adaptable so do not count on that to happen. Anyone who knows about notoriously slow reproducers, such as the polar bear, are sending up the caution flags now. I know I am!!!!!!

Better to be safe than sorry. If the Steve Amstrups of the world are concerned about the polar bear’s fate I am for sure. Believe it or not I am a skeptic of the Lomborg’s of the world. For good reason. Read the article on Stirling and read all of Amstrups information on polar bears in Alaska.

You should be concerned if you like polar bears.


Climate Obstacles

November 26, 2007

On A 15 of the Washington Post, on the prestigious Opinion Page, is an Opinion Piece by Sebastian Mallaby. Its subject., no surprize, is Global Warming. The article is titled, Climate Obstacles Ahead. This is an excellent article that boils down the truth about Global Warming as it will be hard to solve because each region and country may have differing priorities and ways of battling Global Warming.

The article starts by stating the good news. The good news is that most people are ready to sacrafice if they have to, that is do something to help resolve a crisis that is planet threatening. I am not sure that that point has sunk in to the USA public yet. That is what I am skeptical about. We like to talk a good line. You know about the greening of America and the potential for making money off of the suffering of an already suffering world. My father said many times “the devil is in the details”.

 What are some details? The short-term pain for my wife might be her weekly gas bill for a very efficient gas fueler. She is very aware of the problem because I like to wag my finger at our (family) fopaws.

Someone in Bangledesh may want to just move to higher ground. Someone in Mexico may just want more food.The problems seem endless and “your doing a heck of a job Brownie” does not cut it for solutions. What is the solution?

I wish I could tell you? But at least more people are talking about solutions to the impacts of Global Climate Change. There is even room for Global Warming naysayers like Inhoffe on the bus. “Make a little room, Boxer.”


Opinion Page of the Washington Post

November 24, 2007

On Thursday November 22, the Washington Post opinion page has an opinion piece on the IPCC report on Global Warming that I wholeheartedly agree with. Bush is an easy target for his many years of inaction on Global Warming in Washington D.C. . Pelosi and Reid have talked a good line on this devilish issue that will potentially impact our  world. We will see!

We can do some very practical things that fit in with other goals of the USA,  like becoming Energy independent, and the time frame for us and countries China and Japan and much of what we call the West is very few years. I so agree with that, not because I am a crazy, or awoke on the wrong side of the bed. I just do not want to see Global Warming impacts on us (the world) and in spite of all of the commentary that I have read on species of mammals that have thrived on past climate change, in the earth, (and it has happened before), I think Climate Change will negatively impact modern Humans, and as we grow one of our areas of growth is in fossil fuel and we can change that without harming  ourselves fataly and species like ringed seals and polar bears concurrently (for me that is a hook). The expensive question is, will it happen? I believe we as a species have the capacity to change. May history guide us as we go into dangerous waters.


Read Section A of Washington Post.

November 19, 2007

A 11 has an article in today’s Washington Post. Steven Mufson writes, OPEC to Put 75 million Toward Climate Research. Among the OPEC items. OPEC is doing more than the USA government and that is scary. Bush thinks that his volunteer Emission Standards will work for 1930 when he is long gone.  What a joke on us (are you as tired of being the but of his jokes as I am?).

 Global Warming will happen at a much accelerated pace that many of Global Warmings impacts will be felt by the world over the next 10 years, let alone 25 years. OPEC sees some writing on the wall, but we are talking about a problem that will be far more costly than the Iraqi War and you should hear me when I wake up on the wrong side of my bed.

Probably as important as our lack of dependence on fossil fuel is our ability to sustain ourselves while Global Warming reaks havoc on how we sustain ourselves. Read, Facing Threat to Farming and Food Supply, by Rick Weiss in todays section A of the Washington Post,  Which happens to be the Science Section of that paper.

Look at the graph called, Projecting Feast and Famine for the 2080’s. What is scariest about that page is that NE India is on the list of the biggest losers. India is a nuclear power and when their is unrest in India, the world gets threatoned in another way, much the same way it is today with an uneasy Pakistan (Nukes).

The USA south grows most of our nuts, a lot of citrus, rice and most of our cotton. We had better plan for that and most Floridians will come to the mid-Atlantic states as Florida is either agriculturally devistated or drenched or both. Excellent article.


Disturbing News from the Early Morning Sunday Talk Shows

November 18, 2007

This morning the ABC Early Morning Talk Show had a Presidential Trail calculator. You just put in issues that moves you for and against a person and they come up with a candidate you should be supporting.

Let me be clear, after 26 years, and two children and one marriage in Montana, I fought to keep oil and gas from deystroying Montana and I was for, at a very young age,helping keep oil and gas out of Artic National Wildlife Range, which is up in Alaska.

I learned Ron Paul is against the Iraq war, which is good, but he is for oil and gas drilling in Artic National Wildlife Range, which I voted against Paul in the eighties and again I will now vote against Paul in the 2008 election. Because of that vote, he is very bad.


Read The Washington Post Today On Page A-7

November 18, 2007

Doug Strock wrote an article in today’s Washington Post, in the Science Section entitled, Emissions Growth Must End in 7 Years, and the article is more on the IPCC report. Just the first two paragraphs of the article are sobering and should be read by all. There is a graph next to the article that shows a world warming at a quicker rate than you read about in most counts and certainly faster than any emissions cap proposed by this Administration.

To put this in perspective these articles and the IPCC report were not written by crazy people, not even close. These articles were written by sound journalists and the report was written by Nobel Laureates honorded for their work byBush.

I often hear of environmental skeptics and Global Warming in the same term. I no I am not crazy, and I am certainly not a environmental skeptic of Global Warming but was  happy to see such  important articles about Global Warming and car and transportation emmissions that should be read by anyone:even all CCAN staff members, Barbara Boxer and Gore.


Here Is More On Topics That are Urgent and of Interest

November 17, 2007

There is a front page Washington Post article by James Grimaldi on the Smithsonian losing oil money from the American Petrolium Institute to the tune of five million dollars for its Ocean exhibit. This is a setback for Cristian Samper the acting Director of the museum. The exhibit would be in the Natural History Museum. Five million dollars is a lot of cash; no matter how you cut it, so Sampler must be in very real pain. I have a mixed view about it, because I have a jaundace view of oil money anyway. A lot going on in the Smithsonian Natural History. Good or bad! I just cannot tell yet, but it is on my radar and maybe yours?

On A 3 is a story by Peter Baker about Gore being honored for his Nobel Peace Prize, at the Whitehouse, by Bush (sqirm! sqirm!)…talk about the odd couple for sure, and Bush should sit through, An Inconvenient Truth. He actually might learn something!!!

On real important things is an article called, U.N. Global Warming Report Sternly Warns Against Inaction, by Doug Struck. It is a scary, realistic assessment of Global Warming that you can only hope is being read by the Bushies and the Inhoffs of the world, because it is in the Washington Post, NOT!!!. Didn’t the IPCC, who wrote the report, share the Nobel with Gore? Anyway it is a must read for all Global Warming wonks and an article that everyone needs to read.


Blogging and Todays Washington Post

November 16, 2007

I admit it. I like blogging. I found out somewhat by default; even though I like to write, cannot spell (when I was a child you never would see me near a Spelling Bee), and I am now in house slippers, sweats and I am sucking down (slowly) a coffee  (it is a bad brand of cofee but I like it).

I have an old Redskins ball cap that sometimes I forget I am wearing. It is greasy and usually I would not be caught dead with it in public; talk about a comfortable, and laid-back lifestyle. Their is no money in blogging, at least not for me. I keep hearing about funds and blogging, but it illudes me, but the lifestyle of a blogger does not.

This morning the Washington Post was brimming with news that inspired this snippet. Perhaps the best thing is for you to read the Post online today and make up your own mind about it, that is, what do you think about it?

I have decided that it feeds somewhat into my view of the world so as usual I like it, but I have read the Post for 40 years and no I am not the norm!

On the lighter side, since I have dug up large dinosaurs in my past life, and was a dinosaur nerd when I was a little kid, the unveiling of a dinosaur, found by the Chicago Field Museum’s Paul Serano, a great Paleontologist, is of interest to me. The article discusses the discovery of a strange, broad-jawed Nigerasaurus, a long neck that has characteristics of a duckbill. This is truly strange.

An article by Marc Kaufman  entitled, Katrina, Rita Caused Forestry Disaster, is really interesting to me and an example, from my standpoint, of just how insidious Global Warming can be!!!!

Another article  is entitled, Scientists Fault Climate Exhibit Changes, by James Grimaldi and Jaqueline Trescott. More shame on the Smithsonian Natural History Museum if it proves to be true.

I never heard of any of these writers. I have see Eilpren and Fahrentolds articles, numerous by Broder and Bob Woodward over the years and some old Bernstein stuff. Eugine Robinson (everything) and recently Vicki Croke’s article on the Craigheads. They are good writers because they, from my standpoint, do such interesting, complex, pieces.

The “Terminater” Governor is back at it and lately he is doing very muscular things in Government, you have to admit Shriver and Kennedy do influence his moves or so it seems. Read, California Court Rejects SUV Mileage Rules, and see if you agree with me. The article is by Frank Ahrens and Carrie Johnson.

I new a Carrie Johnson once; she was a ranch child, rah! rah! type and was not a serious person. This Carrie Johnson seems to get how important this issue is. Lest I forget, and I do not want to do that, so does Frank Aherns. Please read the front page of today’s Washington Post. It is full of interesting news…