Look Back

I recently read Peter Dunne’s pitch to support the Cape May Bird Observatory, of which he is the Executive Director and has been for a long time. He asks to support his trials and Tribulations at the World Series of Birding and I think you should if you can. Cape May, The Bird Observatory, has been around for a long while and Pete Dunne is at their helm and they are a breeding ground for good birders and good bird conservationists. Dunne is an excellent writer and I am one of those birder conservation crosses who has read most of his books and 5 very well written letter/pitches for the Cape May Bird Observatory, in fact I can solidly blame Dunne for getting more scarce funds from me because I think he is such a compelling writer.

I cut my teeth on the Peterson Bird Guides. I started birding with Chandler Robbin’s classic, golden bird guide. I have long since graduated to 3 of Sibleys bird guides and even though I am a  professional biologist by training, I have Sibley’s guide to bird behavior and like most of Dunne’s writing, I view it as excellent.

I have birded at Cape May and I always make a point out of stopping at the 2 Cape May Bird Observatories. Dunne’s most recent pitch for funds is entitled: “Dont Look Back”. I was ready to quible with Dunne because many of my favorite memories about birds and bear’s,which are numerous, require me to look back. I read things about birds and bears that I think are wrong and I get frustrated and then I remember that I may have an interesting, practical view, but it is one man’s view, and I will die with this viewpoint and I really do not care what other divergent thoughts, that I do not agree with, are rooted in. This is not open minded and is not meant to be. I know a lot about birds and bears, enough to be credible and enough to be dangerous and I harbor opinions that go back and are based on seeing these lifeforms in their uffettered, wild glory. I make no apologies for writing things like birds and bears will be impacted very negatively by things like Global Warming. I have been wrong before, but I do not think I am wrong on this one. We will see!!!!!



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