Check On My Site For No Spam and More On Global Warming

I walked my daughter to daycare and my walking has deteriorated but I am not ready to give up. I have no idea what this disease has in store for my future. It is not the kind of thing I dwell on.

I walk like a college aged kid who has had one to many. I find it hard to look up, something I took for granted, and now it makes it hard to cross streets. I usually have to keyboard these messages very slowly because my fine motor skills are very regressed. The only thing that seems the same is my thinking or cognitive ability. I have found that to be good and bad.

I very much want to see bears again and my birdwatching has gone from exellent to average because I am much slower now, birds are heard by song unless the bird is right in front of me.

I used to love hawkwatching, but find that harder to do now, so I tend not to do it.

 I am older middle aged but there are days when I feel oh so much older. I do not drive anymore, but did for 34 years. Believe it or not, I do miss driving. It must be the freedom of the driving.

I am following Global Warming like a hawk because I see our paw print in it and I believe it impacts things like bears and my children.

 I checked this site for “spam” let me know in a post what I missed. One of the things I like about WordPress is that they see what they think is “spam” and they will alert you. I did notice that “spam” is put back in the archives when someone does it. There are some new and different ideas on Global Warming so each day I have to look hard at the comments to decide what is new and not “Spammy.” I am new to this and really it will take time to do it but, I am committed to doing it.So I apologise ahead of time for the “spam” impacts that have come your way because of me.

 A while back there were some comments on the late Holocene. While I did not agree with them, They were submitted in a thoughtful way as another way of disagreeing with me by someone who knows the late Holocene. My brain very definitely wanted to discuss this, but what readers I have would have a hard time with a debate abou the late Holocene. I imagine them as smart people, but I believe disscussions of the Late Holocene are for “wonks”. I am definitely a “Wonk” about these kind of things. The way I see those views counter to mine is that is the way the ball bounces. Some of the oldsters who read this opinion blog remember Mitch Miller and the bouncing ball; I do!

 I have a hard time doing any skills I made a living doing, and bears and birds are hard to watch now (for me), so I guess you will hear from me because I still write on a regular basis.



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