Antartica, It Is Sliping Away,and So Are We!

A chunk of ice slipped away in Antartica that was 7 times as large as Mannhatten. The ice left exposed a chunk of ice the size of Conneticut, that is precariously hanging on. I heard about this on CNN radio, or the media mainstream, not from some Global Warming website.

I thought about that guy in a classic movie riding a nuclear bomb down to earth, yipping and screaming like a rodeo rider. Was that Slim Pickens? What was that classic movie, during the Cold War with that scene ? I have seen the movie, but it has been 20 years.

I felt helpless about stopping a nuke fest then and do now about Global Warming when I hear reports like the CNN report. God I want to be wrong on this, but I do not think my instinct is.

When I see my daughter watch and l a show about polar bears on The Little Einsteins I cannot help but think her generation will deal with Global Warming, (Before I pull my scarce hair out. Did you know you can lull a polar bear to sleep by playing a flute? It must be true I heards it on the Little Einsteins.)

I feel like Slim Picken’s character must have felt riding an A-Bomb to earth. There is a side of me that really cares and there is a side of me that does not believe we can do anything so go about business enjoying what you can, while you can. Am I overplaying this card?



One Response to “Antartica, It Is Sliping Away,and So Are We!”

  1. disinter Says:

    Global warming blotter

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