Seals Listed, Its A Start

The USFWS is looking at 4 species of ice seal to see if they deserve to be Endangered Species. If you believe Global Warming will be a problem by mid century then you believe the seals should at least be looked at for inclusion under the Endangered Species Act.

It is hard to imagine, but not even the Center for Biological Diversity, the environmental group that spearheaded the polar bear listing, were aware of the move by the Bush Administration, now 2 months late on the polar bear listing, I hope. I, for one, thought the USFWS had to conclude this for sure.

The seals that are being looked at include the ringed seal, primary prey for the polar bear. It may only be where there is permanent ice at mid-century, That is bad news for the seal and the polar bear in the US. The way I look at it, Bush and Chenney et. al., do very few good things for Endangered Species; lets start here and finish up the work on seals in the next administration.



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