West Needs to Wise Up

The Rocky Mountain West has some good Global Warming advocates, but it has its share of skeptics also. Unfortunate for the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest, as the western climate begins warming up and nothing is done about it.

These are facts sent to me by a friend who is seeing the impacts of Global Warming in the basins on the edge of the Rocky Mountains.

This report is credible and carried by the scientists of the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization, RMCO, based on data from our very own goverment. In the east you can get this report from the NRDC, a well known National conservation group. There are no lefty crazies reporting what looks like a real, true scourge in the West. At least read the below press release, copied, verbatum, and “do not shoot the messanger” (me) of this important piece of the Global Warming debate in the US.



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