The Start to the Braasch Review

Braasch wrote a timely, well photographed (by him a stellar photographer) book, Earth Under Fire. It is far meatier than the average coffee table book and deserves a lot of blogging in this blog. This book has been around for almost a year and like Braasch, who is definitely an excellant photographer, Bill McKibben, well known in most Global Warming circles, writes the Afterword in Braasch’s University of California Press book.

Braasch is not only a world class photographer, he is an excellent writer from what little I have read of this large, great value of a book. We all know about Gore’s Great film, An Inconvieniant Truth, well meet the real companion piece, Braasch’s book. Braasch is not Gore and vice Versa, but they both passionately believe in a complicated topic, Global Warming, and our species life threatening paw print in the speed of Global Warming.

As evidenced by the Braasch book we as a species have been warned about this issue for  at least 6 years, by some accounts more like 20 years, and we are just mobilizing now. So it gets back to Gore,s question, how hard do we want to fall?

First of all Gary Braasch’s book, Earth Under Fire, has a photograpph of Delray Beach, which will be flooded by my scenario in 30 years. If you look down at the photo you will see an area of South Florida that I haunted frequently . From my office,  at the time the photo was taken, you could see nothing but Atlantic Ocean, so by my scenario that office will be abandoned by mid-century.

My wife and I were talking. She is a geo-hydrologist by training and lived for twenty years in South Florida and we feel 3 feet of mosly south Florida will probably be under water by mid century it has in earth’s past. Only the Atlantic Ridge, a spine that protrudes through that part of Florida, will be above water, it averages about 14 feet above sea level, unless we put expensive diking along the coast in Hurricane Alley that only the government will be able to pull off because insurance companies by there very nature will not. People with money in South Florida will move away from the coast. People without money will be near the coast, displaced and the Katrina scenario will be all over south Florida where over 10 million people currently reside, and people like me will be gone, like nature center’s along Delray Beach’s coastline, a distant memory of a pleasant past.



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