Buy Braasch’s Book Than Join The Gore Alliance

I told myself that this site was not going to be for endorsements, but I lied.

Buy the Braasch book on Global Warming I know you will not regret it. Then if you have a little money left, in these hard times, join the Alliance For Climate Protection. Give them 25 or 50 or 100 dollars or more if you can. This is a grassroots group founded by Albert Gore, who is showing some real chops for this issue of Global Climate Change, and our fingerprint in the process. I can still remember the bad old days of fighting oil development in wildlife areas. That now has to be expanded to coal, a major contributor to Global Climate Change.

In the film “Into the Wild”, highly reccommended by me, our hero, a stupid, young punk, somewhat arrogant, but nevertheless a great hero, there is a mantra near the end about using the right name for things. I told that to my children many times and use that mantra to this day on my youngest daughter. I remember my ornithology teacher (study of birds) saying that mantra lot. I looked up to him and still do. When I was a grizzly bear research associate I heard that mantra all the time for wildlife in Yellowstone from persons whom I admired a lot.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there is a side of me who knows we have a big fingerprint in Global Warming, but we cannot change Global Warming. I will leave those semantics for philosophers for now and concentrate on our (human) bad habits and lack of will to change these habits and the negative impact of these habits have on Global Climate Change and species diversity. What is the name for the feedback that is accelerating that is popularly called Global Warming …what is this negative process, human caused, called?



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