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Warner (yep the Republican One)-Lieberman Bill on Climate

May 30, 2008

This is a Global Warming Bill…the first of many I suspect, because I do not see Bush signing this into law and I do not see the weak US Senate overiding a veto.

This is a compromise bill and I see a stronger one coming out of the Senate once the Bushies are gone. But it is what we have now and it should be signed. I will not wag my fingers now I will just hold on to my chair and hope the bill is sgned into law. I will not hold my breath on this one because I’m not ready to walk over the ridge or hang up my cleets yet!!!!!!!



Can You Believe It?

May 30, 2008

My problems on the Internet, for anyone who deems it worthy reading, will be over for sure next Tuesday (sounds like whimpy but this writing is a lot of work for me).

I am blown away when I hear that we (the US among other nations) may deystroy the northern arctic and may go in on the aftermath to explore for oil. What a cruel, cruel joke if it is real.

My daughter says I project too much in my thinking. I only no I have been taught to be a sceptic from experiance. I have seen this type of thinking come from stand up comics. I hope that I am wrong about the above thought. I did not think it. I first saw the thought verbalized on CNN news…are they a bunch of canaries in a real faulty mineshaft. I do not know?

This is a disturbing thought indeed, but I would not put it past any major oil company. We are dealing with companies like Exxon-Mobile, and their bottom line is a profit (at your expense). The only way to bring gas prices down is to stop using the stuff.


Where Am I?

May 24, 2008

I just want to let you the friend and reader no that I will be back soon. I have computer troubles. I also now have phone troubles. It has been a real adventure. I plan to be more regular after next Tuesday. We will see?

I plan to look at the Grinnel Glacier soon in MT. I will report back to you. I have seen it probably twenty times since 1972 and now I have seen it as a poster child for receding glaciers in photos. I plan to be in that neck of the woods soon!

The military leaders in Myanmar need to be thrown out when the populace gets reoriented and whoever can is able to plant rice. They (Myanmar military leaders) are real criminals if there ever were criminals.


Can Their Be Worse News Than Cyclone Nargus, I Really Do Not Know

May 17, 2008

I do not know what is worse than the prospect of as many people as 120,000 being dead from Cyclone Argus, which hit Myanmar (formerly Burma) and the Bay of Bengal, North of the Indian Ocean.

There is little news in Myanmar because of a criminal military junta that currently controls Myanmar. The Junta would rather see their people die than look like the paranoid, incompitants that they (military Rulers of Myanmar) are.

The Chinese earthquake was devestating and is rightfully reported about

 I was telling my wife that the people in the earthquake devistated region do not remind me of growing up between 44th and 45th street in NW Washington D.C., but the people of central China cry the same way, they are torn apart when they see a relative excavated from the ground and they get crushed by concrete the same way I would.

This Earthquake, like Cyclone Nargus, does expose a weakness in the rulers of China and while they are still pulling folks from the rubble you will see no finger wagging from me. 

We had Hurricane Katrina on our shores and our American President looked dazed and confused when he finally reacted to the natural devistation that is out there, in the meantime we almost lost an entire American City. New Orleans will never be the same after Katrina and Myanmar and China have seen nature; more to unfold in both  places. Both places are going to get a tear from me.

I am still displaced from my Internet.


Polar Bears–Threatened

May 15, 2008

This administration is far from the Environmental Administration but they did list the polar bear as a Threatened Species. That is a lot out of this administration and I view it as a starting point for polar bears. I am curious to see, what the major groups who wanted the bear listed, think.


Hello Readers and Friends, Mixed News for Me.

May 12, 2008

I am having trouble with heavy rains and my internet provider; bare with me; it might take as long as a week to fix. In the meantime as far as I am concerned Myranmar is still the big news in the world and I see it as global warming related. When Bruce Babbit was speaking at the Center For American Progress he wasd talking about the possibility of a disasator as large or much larger than Myanmar happening along the Gulf Coast of Mexico in the US. I see that as an accident that will happen if we sit on our hands and let it happen. I do not want to see that many Americans being displaced or dying from a natural disastor.


Potentially a Death Toll of Over 100,000 persons

May 7, 2008

This is huge. The press now says as many as 100,00 persons were killed  in a recent Cyclone in the former country of Burma. Thats right I reported 100,000 persons.


Cyclone, We are Trying to Cooperate With Some “Strong Men” and We Are Losing

May 7, 2008

I actually felt that George Bush was on the right track in wanting to get Aid into Myramar fast. I was thinking that if only he moved this fast after Katrina.

I forgot to mention that we had strong hurricanes in Mexico during 2007. These Hurricanes made CNN big time and we had a front seat to them.

My wife grew up in S Florida and does not remember a time when hurricanes were so active in S Florida.


Southeast Asia Cyclone

May 6, 2008

I was going to write about Bruce Babbit, Carol Browner and a Global Warming Report carried by John Podesta and two other first authors from the Center for American Progress.The report is on the Center’s website. They, and a fellow named John from the University of VA were on a very good panel. Two of the panel members worked for Carol Browner when she ran the EPA. She said great things about a reporet on Global Warming put out by Liberal Thinktank, the  Center for American Progress.

The SE Asia cyclone reported 350 persons dead yesterday. Today that deathtoll was as high as 22,000 persons. Any loss of life is bad, but 22,000 persons dead by a cyclone is tragic in anybodie’s book. This is the second cyclone in two years that has had tragic loss of life and before that a tsunami in that part of the world. and less we forget, in a period of 3 years, we have had those tragedies in SE Asia and the tragedy of Katrina in the good old US. Is it just me or do we have a real measurable increase in these kind of tragedies.

By the way the latest tragedy or cyclone occurred in Burma, recently renamed Myanmar, in a Military coup, by the person’s responsable for the coup.


Browner and Babbit; I Sure Miss Smart Politicals At That Level

May 5, 2008

I was reminded that Clinton had some real good politicals under him. Carol Browner of the EPA is very smart and Bruce Babbit was great, though he talked about a hard subject and Global Warming, the Louisianna Coast or 10,000 acres of the coast that Babbit believes is in desperate need of federal oversight; longterm. Babbit sees red as the Federal Government is about to throw 13 billion dollars away on a short-term “Hail Mary” pass instead of a long term strategy for an area of the US that is very close to sea level, where barrier islands are eroding away and the area very much needs a long-term strategy.

This was at a meeting at the Center for American Progress and regards a report made by former chief of Clinton Staff,  John Podesta, regarding global warming which I will blog about tommorow after I read the report.

The jist of What Browner said was that it is hard to follow things near the end of an administration like rule writing, which needs to be looked at carefully because this is where Bush really has the potential to tie the next president’s hands on environmental things like clean air. Browner is definitely young enough to be in a key position for the next administration. I get the impression that Babbit is retired.

There is a real good article on why tropical species have as much, or more, to lose with extinction as polar bears and narwal whales and all ice dependent species in the arctic. In part this will happen because of the narrow temperature regimes that these tropical species tolerate. Read the article on Yahoo Global Warming News.