California Wildfires

I do not mean to be opportunistic about the prospective human-caused sadness in Los Angelas, California but fires are sparking and Santa Anna winds are not even blowing yet. The catostrophic nature of the fires can be somewhat blamed on a building fuel load but the dryness they (Southern Californians) are experiancing is definitely an artifact of global warming caused by our bad carbon producing habits. In twenty years that part of California will be desert like, Baja-like with a huge load of dead snags and hurricanes hurtling towards  a coastline with rising sea levels and so on. Those folks will be crying for a Chevy Volt like technology that is way more affordable than the 40,000. GMC proposes for the Chevy Volt. Like the US Congress, car executives are way out of touch with what an average consumer will pay. 

 I hope I am wrong about my guesses on California dryness. A simular scenario will happen in Montana where wildfires can rule a fall!!!!



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