I Am Getting To the Bird Migration

The wind is blowing lightly around here and it is beautiful out. I have had some of my best hawkwatching days in this kind of weather. My son and I are headed to Minnesota to hawkwatch (I am, he is driving). We will be back in Montana after October 1 when he has a band engagement. I am like a “kid in a candy store” and really look forward to getting my mind off of climate change and the apparent demise of 3 species in the next 20 years that I am reminded of almost every day, and I do see it coming without a doubt. It is so, so sad. Hawkwatching along the  northern shore of  Lake Superior “is just what the doctor ordered” (not cliche day) for me. The nice weather for migration around here helps me think that I am doing the right thing, taking a break from global climate change, or at least the politics and subject of it.

Some useless trivia: My  trip, through circumstances, has been delayed by a day…and so has my erraticness!!!!!



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