Global Warming Primer

Today I have to catch up on global climate change issues. On the policy level Coppenhagen looms as very important  especiallally for the Obama administration. Somewhat related is the Kerry-Boxer bill.Cap and Trade (especially the technology of automobiles) is at the heart of global warming. Then there are slowly (at least it seems that way) rising sea levels that I read about in journals like Scientific America. On the biodiversity front I will put two and two together. I hear a lot about the extinction of polar bears and melting sea ice. This is a very sad event but it also signals the end of ice seals and walruses. I think the melting ice will impact species like the musk ox, the barren ground and Perry’s  caribou, the arctic wolf and arctic fox. Then there are huge amounts of melting ice. This ice will break off and melt in ten years and this has potential to negativly impact the gulf stream. We have failed nations led by Somalia. If you want to read what a failed state is and it’s connection to global warming read Lester Brown’s, Plan 4.0. There is a lot in the journals and in the news about “drunken forests”, melting perma-frost and the dangers of methane gas release. There are persistant fires drought and a warming planet. Throw the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest in and you have the ground cloth of a lot of trouble happening out there. Will we as a species survive this?


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