Lecture Series On Global Warming

I am going to a lecture series called Montana’s Changing Climate and You. Tonight a biologist and policy specialist gave a talk entitled Fishing and hunting in a Warmer Montana. I was gratified to see so many young people at the talk and there were at least two global warming skeptics in a crowd of 50 person’s and I remember one of theskeptics, a climatologist, from more than ten years ago.

The guy who gave the talk, T.O. Williams, was a definite neophyte on the issue he talked about but the distinction he drew between the “old school” biologist and new approach biologist was right on. AnotherĀ  point in his talk that was right on was that he said his agency could not change global warming but they could change themselves to respond to global warming. That is a foot in the door as far as I am concerned.


P.S. A good book mentioned by a real credable biologist is Tim Flannery’s, The Weathermakers. I definitely agree.


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