Opinion:Global Warming Will Impact Some of the Species I Care About

This is the opinion of someone else, another person and so on. Bottom line: I think global warming is and will negatively impact most wildlife species we know today.

I really believe global warming will put grizzly bears, other brown bears and polar bears out of exsistance and this earth will be lesser for it. We do not know what will happen yet to birds as a result of global warming but it probably will not be good…there will be fewer birds and their sense of timing will be disconbobulated…I do not see birds adapting fast enough to a warming planet. I think there are fewer birds to see now, so even fewer well I view it as a travesty.

If one of the things happen like a disappearing Gulf Stream, an imploded Amazon Rain Forest, and a methane gas release from our sea floorand all bets are off and most species will implode. The extinction that will happen will be comparable to catastrophic extinction of the earth’s past…the extinction may exceed all extinctions…the scenario is definitely out there and unbelievably I either here a collective ho-hum from our kind about the prospects of global warming or I am accused of being a “chicken little” character one who clucks, “the sky is falling”. I do not feel wrong and I think the clock is ticking on these things now (at least that is what I am seeing), and it may be slow, but brown bears, polar bears and birds amongst other things will be gone by the centuries end.



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