A Lot of Great News About Global Warming Boring

Secratary Chu is in the backdrop now talking…snore-and more snores-about the smart-grid for alternative energy.

Chu is talking about “nuts and bolts” technological solutions to key global warming problems and few people are listening. Chu is a definite “white hat” person but as a speaker “he aint no Obama” and he is tackling such a dry, impotant topic. You know smart grids are not huge ice shelves breaking off, glaciers melting nor polar bear cubs drowning but it is definitely an important global warming topic.

So how do you get people to listen to the Chu’s of the world as they talk about smart grids as the next beautiful polar bear cub dies? This subject (polar bear plight) brings tears to my eyes as I write about it but I know smart grids are in humanities future if we are to survive global warming.



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