About Living In Southwest USA

I just heard on telivision a person say he would never live in Phoenix, Arizona because of the ravages of global warming will be felt there first. I have heard that before. Most recently in the global warming lecture series that I am attending. Ernie Niemi said water problems will shape the western USA soon and he would not live in cities like Phoenix, Arizona where these water problems would show up first. He would advise his children to stear clear of cities like Phoenix but he will not be around long enough to wag a finger at places like Phoenix but he is not going to spend time in places that are still over 100 degrees in late October.

I know really nice people who live in Pnoenix but for reasons simular to Neimi I will stear clear and I hope my children do so.

The interesting thing about Neimi’s data (at least I thought so) was that one of the scenario’s he is modelling shows what he calls an ecosystem “collapse”at + 9% celsius. I would say that in that temperature range we are seeing a transition fron ecosystems that can sustain us to a desertification process which we may, or may not, survive.

Doesnt that give you the creeps that that is even being modelled? It gets back to what Gore so simply and wisely said “how hard do you want to fall?”


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