Cross Is More Optimistic About Wildlife Than I Am In A Changing World

First, off from what I read it is said we will lose 50% of the wildlife species we know by the end of this century. Ican see worse thanI this scenario and that is not good if it is even partially true. I view that as an optimistic viewpoint. Dr. Molly Cross, of the highly esteemed Wildlife Conservation Society, thinks that some species of wildlife will make it across this climate change boudary and we should manage for that.

That is Cross’s job. Not mine! She did say that the data said things out in the field, for example plant growth, to be compelling and a Cross’s “just the fact”,  parsemonius, scientist viewpoint. Cross gave a conservative view of the impacts of climate change on wildlife her view was quite optomistic.  This is the topic that interests me the most and I came away from the lecture very impressed with Dr. Cross. I think the scanario where scientists like Cross will be overwhelmed by climate change is the scenario we will see. Climate change will ovewhelm scientists like Cross like a great tsunami wave. I will be long gone but I would like to see the Cross’s of the world be more right then wrong. Cross  used the word iconic three times. I wanted to ask Cross if she worked at all with the wildlife icon, Dr. George Schaller. Maybe so, but Cross was young enough to be a “maybe not. ”

One good takeaway that I got from Cross is that we could start mitigating global climate change by closing dow nthings like old logging roads and cattle grazing in the riparian zones…but we as a species are not doing enough to mitigate global climate change as a whole right now.

Cross was the third in an important lecture series here in Bozeman, Montana on climate change. her talk and slides were quite good. Cross ‘s talk was entitled: Protecting Wildlife in a Changing Climate. Read my opinion piece in the blog entry just below this one.



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