Our Choice, Gore’s Second Book On Global Warming and Making Money On Global Climate Change

I have read several books on global warming…Our Choice is the title of Gore’s latest book. I started  reading books about global warming in 2005, the year Gore’s Inconvieniant Truth book cane out, which was a good and fulfilling read. I think Our Choice might be that way. Certainly the photographs are good. I have read as far as chapter 1 so it is too early to comment.

On another, closely related topic: I watched 3 Gore interviews on his Our Choice book the other day. On two of the interviews Gore got a ration  from the interviewing journalist about soon being the first climate change billionaire. Gore laughed and basically told the journalist that he puts his money where his mouth is. If that is the case I say more power to him. People, like Gore, who make a fortune doing what is right for the survival of the human species can, and should, get rich as they help lead our country out of oblivion (doing nothing about a changing climate: mitigations). I woul rather see Gore get rich on investments in alternative forms of energy then some Executive at the Bank of America or Wells Fargo  for helping to almost lead our country over a financial cliff and us rewarding that person with several billion dollars. I see Gore as a smart man on the subject of global climate change and as having the political chops to represent the US in difficult climate change treaties…



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