Smart Grids, Change, Procrastination and So On

I am going to start this post with some trivia. It is supposed to snow here by now. It will snow about nine inches (so they say). I actually hope so and I can also say I am tired of the H1N1 scare and I am tired of warm weather in October and November. It is time for the regular flu, as H1N1 goes to bed. Yes I have had the flu so I know it stinks and can land one in emergency room so I have no intention to make light of it. I guess I am tired of the prognostocaters prognostocating about H1N1.

Skys with no clouds and temperatures in the upper sixties are not what I remember about Montana falls. After 28 of them (winters and falls in Montana) I finally can say I have seen a  few of them and these past few warm ones would be called outliers.

Now to Gore. This is not an easy book to read (lots of cool photos make up for that) but the chapter that Gore entitles,

Super Grid, is a good chapter and at last I can say that a true mitigation for global climate change, what Clinton calls the “smart grid”, finally makes sense to me and it is an infrastructure that we need as we convert to alternative forms of energy.

In short what Gore calls a Super Grid is a very doable infra structure that has all of the available technologies ready to go. Gore has an illustration of this infra-structure,  on pages 90-91. In this illustration you have a number of sensors getting data to distribute energy where it is needed. As I said…we have the technology to build this type of grid now.

If you are like me you cannot stand change, but this has to happen , change that is, if we as a species plan to meet climate change head on. As we prepare to meet the challenges posed by global climate change we must proactively meet this change head on, or we can procrastinate: take our sweet time changing with very little forethought. From what I see in our history we, as a species, do not do well with procrastination.

I would call the New Deal and the Marshall Plan focused determination. Our communal reaction to Hurricane Katrina shows how damaging procrastination can be.

I have been heavily involved with Endangered Wildlife Conservation over a thirty year period and I have seen many examples of procrastination over the years.

I will report more on Gore’s book tommorow. More trivia: it looks as though Gore has saved the “best for last”.



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