Top Ten Things I liked Around This Area Last Year

1.) There were a lot of Merlins in Bozeman, Montana, a lot of Rough-legged Hawks and Bald Eagles around town.

2. ) I was birdwatching in the spring and saw 12 grizzly bears and four black bears over a 2 day period in Yellowstone National Park.

3) On the same trip above I saw 30 gray wolves over a 2 day period in which I emphasised birdwatching.

4.) The local Bar B Que places in Bozeman, Montana are quite good.

5.) This area is child friendly.

6.) The High Country snow on peaks is quite beautiful in this area.

7.) The grocery store in my area is chock full of good deals.

8.) Glacier National Park still has a great salt lick along Highway 2. Mountain Goats were plentiful at the licksite.

9.) Billings, Montana and Great Falls, Montana have actually improved as small cities as far as I am concerned.

10.) Much of the Yellowstone River is good habitat for Mule Deer and Whitetailed Deer and Pronghorn Antelope but it is still not good (Yeah!) people habitat.

 I wanted to use this post as a forum for what I do not like now about the world. The press, the ravages of global warming, Sarah Palin, Telivision advertizements and video games were my targets. I ended up writing a top ten list of what improved in this area that I have not lived in for ten years. I am viewing this area from the standpoint of a disabled, fifty five year old man. This is a global warming and natural history blog…not a forum for my dislikes. Global warming can easily fill that void.



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