Black and Grizzly Bear Face Off

Today I am in the habit of taking a break from global climate change. I need one.

I have seen black and grizzly bears in a face down twice.

In the first confrontation I saw a medium size grizzly stare down a large black bear. This happened in a stretch of salmon stream in coastal British Columbia. The large black bear left the stream and lost a staredown as the midsize grizzly bear took over a stretch of Salmon Stream that was being fished in by the black bear.

In another encounter I saw a large dark female grizzly lose a stare down with a large black bear. This happened in nowhere, Montana. The large female grizz had 2 cubs of the year and before the large black bear new she was around she chased her cubs up large spruce trees.

She went into an open meadow right up to the black bear who was coming down in the open meadow. She yammered at the large black bear, but no fight ensued. She then ran, faster than any human I know of, to the spruce where her cubs were. The last I saw of  her was that she stood up to see if she was being followed by the large black bear and ran, with her cubs, at full speed into the willows along a nearby creek. I looked  back to see what looked like a very confused black bear who was hurridly walking back the way he came.

I thought about writing about drying out microsites, but it is good natural history but knowone would read it. I also thought about writing about Montan’s shrinking glaciers, something I have seen first hand and I do believe this can be attributed to a changing climate.


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