The Press And Global Warming

This morning was a “gotcha” morning for me on the press and global warming.

There are some in the press like Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post who write very meaty things about global warming but I have noticed that global warming is a subject that gets more time and analysis on David Letterman than on news shows such as many on MSNBC and CNN. This morning was a perfect example….

A new poll (by who? was not revealed) shows that the number of Americans who believe that global warming is occurring has dropped from 80% to 72%.

This correlates with an increase in global warming skeptics.

The thinking is that global warming skeptics increase as the partisan divide, on a non-partisan subject, arises.

What is frustrating to me is that the news folks found the “party crashers” of the presidents first State Dinner of much greater interest¬† than a complicated and serious topic, one that has huge political and survival relevance throughout the world like global warming. The televusion news anchor questioned whether Obama should even go to Coppenhagen while our economy is in such dire straights these days (at least the “job market” is).

Christmas shopping and the purchase of luxury automobiles were subjects given more time then the subject of global warming. I was definitely miffed by this lack of meaningful reporting on such a topic as global warming that will cost the USA trillions upon trillians of dollars to mitigate if we as a species survive it…and we (press at least) seem obsessed by a couple who crashed what I hear was a great party. The sad news is that we here about this couple for three days and about global warming for 15 seconds on this, and other, news casts.

Trivia: The “party crashers” were doing a spot for the reality series that will be “the real housewives of Washington D.C.” I grew up in Washington D.C. and cannot had a lot of friends who had :real housewife mothers” and I do not remember a single “”housewife” who came close to looking like the party crasher woman. Have housewives changed that much since I was a kid growing up in Washington D.C. (about forty, or so, years ago)? I am real interested to know.



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