More On The News and Global Warming

The Obama “party crashers” made the Sunday news shows (at least the 2 I watched). Going to Coppenhagen as  a political mistake for the president was a news story that came after the Obama “party crashers”; news that has been running for 4 days.

A Politico Magazine editor said that if the economy being in the toilet was the featured news we (the US public) tended to be sceptical about the prospective good of things like Cap and Trade. Then we had to sit through more news on the dilletant “party  crashers”.  I say arrest the 2 of them, charge them for trespassing and be done with them. They might get some community service hours and it would be fateful if they had to work those hours with a non-profit set up to mitigate climate change…but that would be too good!!!

What was said by Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning economist, was that 20 scientists might say that, we as a country, are starting to feel the global warming impact and 1 sceptic will be given equal time in the press as he/she spun against it.  Krugman also said global warming was too complex to be measured as increasing heat from year to year. I am glad at least 1 or maybe 4 writers are sane on this complex topic but writer’s like Eilperin, Kauffman, Friedman and Kruger tend to write a lot and the average US resident will read People Magazine instead of wading through these authors…too bad.



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