More Palin, Or Should I Write “Teabaggin” At Its Best

I must admit that I am a little blown away that Sara Palin’s comments on climate change have created quite the stir. She, pro oil all the way, has even traded barbs with Gore on the subject. It seems unbelievable to me that a teabagger like Palin would even be given the time of day on global climate change…Palin is most famous for being a quitter in a tough world so when the road gets tougher on climate change,which it will, Palin will quit there as well.  This part of an email tickled my funny bone. Please read.


…and what their implications are for our understanding of global warming the facts have begun to bubble up to the surface. Of course, there is still a lot of noise out there, such as today’s Washington Post op/ed by noted climate scientist Sarah Palin, but the signal to noise ratio has improved in recent days.


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