Letterman,Hansen, Palin,yes Palin, the Chief Scintist On Climate and Gore

The Late Night With David Letterman Show had Dr. Jim Hansen on as a guest last night and Letterman revealed his pessimistic bias about a climate that he sees as changing for the worse, and Letterman seems to know a lot about climate change.

He plugged Hansen’s new book entitled, “Storms Of My Grandchildren.” Letterman got laughs out of the audiance saying Hansen’ s new book should be retitled “We Are Screwed.” It was obvious that Letterman cared about the prospective impacts of global warming. He said it will have little impact on him but global warming will impact his 5 year old son.

I am in the same boat. Letterman then brought up pine bark beetle devastation of forests to Hansen and they both mentioned the potential carbon that will be released by wildfires in dead forests.

Science mavin Sara Palin said that Al Gore would probably not stoop low enough to debate her on global warming. I hope that Gore never debates  Palin on global warming…it will only give her and her awful and politicized view of an issue that has no party and is real, credibility…a credibility Palin does not deserve!!!!!!!



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