December 18, 2009 Obama Tries to Rally U.N. Climate Conference, but Deadlock Persists

Copemhagen, heald by many as a last chance for global sanity on such a burgeoning, complicated issue for humanity, as well as other lifeforms, is quickly and unfortunately becoming a political football.



Obama Tries

COPENHAGEN — President Obama exhorted world leaders today “not to talk, but to act” as they scrambled in the closing hours of a historic U.N. global warming summit to salvage an agreement to curtail greenhouse gas emissions.

Behind the scenes, dozens of presidents and prime ministers worked on a three-page document that they hope will become the lone outcome of the two-week negotiations here.

But the blame game is also under way with more than 115 heads of state in Copenhagen — many with years of work and their prestige on the line — struggling to bridge a divide between the world’s rich and poor nations. Several major industrialized countries pointed the finger at China for balking at demands to ensure their emission commitments would be open for public scrutiny.

A hush fell over the entire Bella Center during Obama’s eight-minute speech <>  (pdf). He took on climate skeptics with his opening words and then made an all-out push for a collective agreement.


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