Lots Of Good Books On Global Warming


This is that time of the year when you read a lot of top ten lists. Not to break with the pack I put my brain to work on the problem and I came up with a list on my top ten favorite books on global warming. I read a lot of books on this topic and I will start by saying I definitely know more about what is a complex subject than I new before and books such as the ones I write about really helped shape my opinion on global warming.

My list starts with Tom Friedman’s, Hot, Flat and Crowded. This was a well written book that told the brutal truth about a complex subject from an economist’s viewpoint; an economist who writes well. My next favorite read was the Weathermakers by Tim Flannery,  a mammologist…a huge bias on my part because like Flannery I studied mammals, but his book is a definite good read in spite of this fact.

The NRDC magzine, OnEarth reviews a book entitled, The Coverup by James Hoggan and Richard Littlemore. I have to say that this book is about an important side issue on global warming the issue that really shapes the public’s perspective on such an overwhelming subject: Global warming. I see the issue as follows…I think the press is dropping the ball on global warming…not press like NRDC’s OnEarth magazine but the general media. Often I will read articles where too much defference is given to global warming skepticcs like Bjorn Lomberg and they are given equal billing with the likes of climatologist, Dr. Jim Hansen or Nobel Laurette and former US vice President Albert Gore. The Lomberg types are confusing (and its easy to be confusing) on the subtleties of global warming…this book does a marvelous job exposing the Lomberg’s of the world as the obscure sorts of viewpoints that they represent. They (the Lombergs of the world) are put into perspective in Cover Up. The frusterating thing here is that very few people will read this enthralling book and I see that as too bad.

Dr. Jim Hansen finally wrote a book that at first reads like an inorganic chemistry text and you really have to slog through the first half of the book to get to Hansen’s juicey meat. In Hansen’s Storms of My Grandchildren he saves his completely harsh viewpoint (the Venus Syndrome) for reading at the near end. If Hansen was not writing about such a serious subject I might laugh at Hansen’ viewpoint. Like the press about Hansen says he is definitely the Paul Revere of a dour subject and in spite of hi horrible writing style you have to love Hansen’s gravitas on such a horrible subject. Gore has a new book on global warming entititled, Our Choice. Until Hansen came along this book was the worst written book on such a difficult topic. Fortunately the book has a ton of awesome photos in it to highlight what Gore’s, like Hansen-a great man, point of view.

What is frustrating to folks like me is that the good books like Cover Up or Hot, Flat and Crowded will have such a small audience and the confusion about global warming, an artifact of the Lomberg types, will go on and on while good global warming literature does not see the light of day.



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