More On Failed States and Other Things

Read the above posts. Congo,Yemen and Iraq are trying hard to be failed states…dont you think? I can see global warming rearing its presence in the background.

Hansen writes that we must jump over the step of transforming our use of energy with coal fired energy plants and coal use in general. He is probably painfully right on this.

Hansen thinks non-profit environmental groups have been around too long to come up with solutions to what is percieved as a global warming crises. Hansen is right on most things but he is way wrong on this thought.

I think environmental groups will be a part of the solution on mitigations to global warming. I do not know of any environmental group that wants to see the extinction of species or  humanities willingness to walk off of the cliff called global warming. I do not see environmental groups giving ground to global warming naysayers. It is not in the DNA of environmental groups. I see the environmental agenda on what it takes to mitigate global warming as…whatever it takes to get the job done as quickly as possible!!! I see environmental groups as huge allies in the mitigations of global warming. I can cite at least 4 ocassions where environmental group contacts really helped me and other grass roots types work through complex issues on Capital Hill.  “Around too long”…I think Hansen needs to think this one through some more.

I see that Louisa Willcox, of NRDC, is going to discuss grizzlies and the loss of the white bark pine on NPR. This is an achingly sad topic to me as I look into the high country around Bozeman, Montana and I see a lot of burnished pines at elevations to high to be lodgepoles but Louisa will handle the tough topic, a reality, as well as any person can handle such a tough topic.

Just a note: I think the Turner ranch is a great place for bison to prosper…Horse Butte, though nice in its own right, is a snowy place; marginal-compared to Turner’s place as a bison habitat.

Finally, the first use of the concept of Tipping Point at an almost gratuitous level is Malcom Gladwell’s book, “Tipping Point”. Gladwell uses the “Tipping Point” in a way that is useful to science and the phenomina related to global warming.

Are we at a “Tipping Point” on global warming? I hope not!!!!!



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