A Global Warming Naysayer In the US Senate

I really do not have anything better to blog about so I will blog about Senator James Inhoffe, of Oklahoma, one of global warming’s great naysayers.

This guy is not to bright and constructs many of the awful talking points..outright lies, about global warming.

Inhoffe is dangerous because he is in the US Senate and as a result he can, and does, slow all meaningful debate on global warming down by confusing folks on an already confusing life and death issue.

My thinking is that folks will follow this demagauge over a ledge, because they, mostly other Senators, do not know what to believe. This demagauge’s raises doubt and misstaitments about global warming on almost a daily basis.

Inhoffe needs to go, but oklahoma, a backwards state has yet to tire of the Inhoffe’s of the world, so he will unfortunately be with us until the folks of Oklahoma decide to put him out to pasture with a vote, until then Inhoffe is with us and will continue to raise doubt about global warming. How frusterating!!!!



One Response to “A Global Warming Naysayer In the US Senate”

  1. jan warfel Says:

    For all of the indoctrinated “sheep” that believe in the Global Warming Hoax
    wake up!!!! It is a lie. Temperatures across the U.S. are colder than normal. We have moved to Central Florida and are suffering below normal
    freezing nights!!! AccuWeather has predicted below freezing temps for
    the next few days. It is scary how easily fooled our new indoctrinated
    population of sheep have become. Al Gore is a total fraud. While he wants
    all of us to drive a tiny Euro car, he drives up to the Global Warming Meetings in his limo, after leaving his lear jet parked flying between cities.
    Fact is his home in Tennessee has the highest electric bill every month of
    every year!!! So go ahead sheep and listen to Gore. He loves to speak to
    the “dah” crowd. He can’t stand to be asked factual questions which he
    refuses to answer. He can’t answer because he is lying to all of us!!!

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