More on Press an Copenhagen

Did the press miss the point at the Copenhagen meetings? I think so.
Too many of the press are sending the wrong message.  no one going into COP 15 expected all the issues to be completely solved, nor did anyone (and I do mean ANYONE) ever expected a binding legal treaty.  (- history – the Bali accord just a few months earlier, all the attending countries had already agreed to that one point.-)
the press seems to be missing what was accomplished, and what WAS accomplished is nothing short of a miracle.  that an agreement was reached on reducing emissions at all is astounding, especially considering that just 24 hours shy of the conference wrap-up, all negotiations broke down.  That the vote count was 188 – 5 seems to be overlooked. 
to recap what was accomplished –    
    192 world leaders/countries attended.  the largest gathering in all human history of world leaders
    an agreement was reached that would actually accomplish something   
    the vote count on the accord was, as I mentioned, 188 – 5 in the positive. Again, a first for the entire world community.
    100 billion dollars was pledged, with a significant portion coming from the US, to help developing nations deal with the issues and problems associated with climate change.  no small feat!
    China agreed to transparency and the rest of the world agreed to being held accountable for their emissions. – !!!  – the US Congress has been dithering and whining amongst themselves about China and India – and using that as an excuse to do nothing. 
    deadlines were established to come up with reduction tables, – the first of which is the end of this month.

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