Boone Pickens, Short Term Greed, Subverting Focus For A Lot Of People

It is easy to point the finger at Exxon or Chevron. But it becomes harder to point the finger at the Boone Picken’s of the world. Boone Pickens is running ads on Natural Gas. How we should use natural gas now. He is a rich man. This (his buy natural gas ads) will make him richer if people turn to Natural Gas as a sort termsolution?while society converts to alternative forms of energy. Pickens is parading around as a grass roots hero confusing many sharp people about global warming. Pickens is just out to make even more money off of the backs of the average person. Does the analogy of a pusher and junkie ring a bell? Lets ask George (he called the American people oil addicts) Bush during a candid moment.



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