Brazos Bend State Park Texas

I have no idea why I am thinking about Brazos Bend State Park in southern Texas but I have been in a lot of neat places and this was among the neatest. I camped in the park with two friends and hardcore birdwatchers from British Columbia back in 2002.

What a noisy place. I think we were listoning to Mexican Tree Frogs and the White-lipped Tree Frog. They were noisy and they seemed to be calling all around our tents.

We saw a lot of deer. They were all whitetailed deer and it was the time of year when they grazed because grass was available. I remember hearing many ten foot alligator males roaring (rutters) for the abundant female alligators or the 7 footers we saw there.

 Pipeline Swallowtails butterflies (gracile) were migrating through the areas where we were.

 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks abounded  in snags out in the marsh along the trail system where we hiked near dark. Purple Gallinules were in a nearby marsh the next morning. The Spanish Oaks were huge Trees and we got a snapshot from them of how Texas used to be.

Brazos Bend State Park is a neat chunk of the world and I would go see it before it is changed by a changing climate.


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