Birds In Africa and Let it Snow Hard

I have been thinking about birds I saw in Tanzania and Kenya for the past 2 days. I even went to websites and looked through old notes to remind myself of what I saw. I saw some of the neatest birds in my life.

Some of the standout birds to me were: Greater and Lesser Flamingo, Ostrich, Secratary Bird, Crowned Crane, Southern Ground Hornbill an assortment of raptors: minature kestrels, Lamagere’s, and all kinds of eagles stood out, the Egyptian Goose, Kori’s Bustard, Veroux’s Eagle Owl, Superb Starling , Maribou Stork and of course it seemed like everywhere the Lilac Breasted Roller. I saw a lot more birds and many interesting mammals , including the African civit, all of the large cats and the jungle cat, giraffes, elephants, water bufallo and  zebra and wildebeast, abounded.

Beautiful snow, ala rain from California, falls outside my Montana window, spectacular views of the Bridger Mountains and Story Hills, are outside. The snow seems beautiful until you have to walk in it.

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