Cold, and Medium Sized Mammals

It is cold outside.I just walked back from the grocery store and it was 19 degrees outside and there was a lot of snow on the ground. I can honestly say it is cold! Cold! and cold!

A brief point: I would have pac boots over vibram bottomed heavy boots in snow with ice underneath. This sounds a bit persnickety but I base this on about 30 years of walking on ice in the winters…give me a pac boot for snow and icy walks.

I have seen some neat mid-sized mammals over a 30 year period where I looked for wild mammals.

On top of that list is the sighting of a lynx, broadside, in the Selway Bitteroot Wilderness. I also saw a lynx adjacent to the road, near the Teklaneka Rivern in Mount McKinley National Park in Alaska. In three different places in Montana I have seen the tracks of lynx in the snow. First reaction…huge!

I have seen several bobcats in the wilds of Montana. Primarily I have seen them sneak away from me.

I have seen ten wolverines. My reaction is that they are more agile and quicker then you might expect. Primary prey I have seen them go for…willow ptarmigan. I have seen them scavenge on moose, elk and mule deer.

I have seen a lot of coyotes. I have watched as a male? coyote came out of a den to harrass a grizzly bear that came to close in the estemation of the coyote. I have watched a coyote try (without luck) to ward off 3 gray wolves that were attacking, probably lethally. I can say the coyote put up a hellacious fight.

I saw javelina’s, collared peccaries, come into a national park campground in Texas root around for  food, but found (strong sense of smell) toothpaste instead, and carried the toothpaste away.

These mammals may not make it in a warming world. The coyote has the best chance to.



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