North American Large Predators

The 3 species of North American Bears, black, brown (includes the grizzly) and polar bears played a huge role in the development of my  life. I have seen numerous black and brown bears…and like I wrote yesterday, I have had many encounters with wild North American Bears.

If you enter bear country as often as I did, you will encounter the gray wolf, and I did.

 One of the memorable experiances I had with gray wolves was to see one swimming between islands of Northern British Columbia. I saw a wolf swimming after a buck Sitka black-tailed mule deer.

I have seen 7 wild  mountain lions over a 25 year period and I have seen numerous tracks of this large cat.

Once I was with my family, driving down an isolated canyon near Yellowstone National Park. We came around a corner and what appeared to be a large lion was in the middle of the non paved road staring at the car; a Honda Civic wagon travelling slowly. The lion jumped up on the hillside adjacent to the road and I pulled up and stared right into the lion’s eye; maybe about 10 feet from the cat. We stared at each other for about 10 seconds and the lion continued up the hill never looking back; near Bozeman, Montana.



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