Warblers and the Many Coffee Hounds Out There…

Next to raptors warblers are a birding passion with me. I would say for me the hardest warblers to see were the Colima (almost all uphill 7 mile hike to observe), Kirklands and Tropical Parula; very specific places to travel to. Red-faced and Lucy’s; beat a lot of brush.

I went to great fall-out areas and areas known for warblers to see them and along the way I saw warblers and many songbirds. I have been doing this a long time and the birds just start adding up even to my surprize. In fact I used to skip lunch regularly to watch migratory warblers in south Florida where there was a known fall out area for warblers and rare birds. This area was near a neat sea-turtle beach that I lead nightime walks on to see sea turtles at about the same time of year so I would scout for sea turtle nests. I even surveyed for the nests for the county and state.  I saw many Loggerhead and not so many green sea turtles and a lot of warblers to boot.

I used to confuse warbler songs so I went to Cape May to take a class on warbler songs. What I like about Cape May New Jersey is that you can usually see warblers sing their songs as they migrate to breeding grounds usually farther north.

Warblers, like most songbirds are taking a beatingf so every little bit  to help warblers counts and here is one easy suggestion.

I always get a plug in to the many coffee hounds I find out there. If you are a coffee hound, like me, and you like to bird then drink shade grown coffee. I get it in Bozeman, Montana. My guess  is that you can find it. Shade-grown coffee can be found in Wild Bird Unlimited stores or in places like the American Birding Associations retail catalog…if you can afford Starbucks you can afford shade grown coffee and you are helping neotropical birds like most of North America’s warblers. I have found that birding can be excellent on shade grown coffee plantations in Africa and Central America.

Of the more common warblers I would say Swainsons and Cerullian were hard to observe


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