More On Songbirds

You know it is getting harder to walk, but walk I did in Santa Cruz, California. To Birdwatch. In my little sister’s neighborhood I saw California Towheeses, Chestnut backed Chickadees and Anna’s Hummingbird. One morning I drove with my little sister to the arboratum at University of California at Santa Cruz. We observed a  number of Anna’s Hummingbirds and several Allen’s Humingbirds and we got a bonus of California quails. The arboratum was great. We saw coyote and mountain lion Scats in the arboratum.

Several years ago in my town of Bozeman, Montana I was sitting at a kitchen table, drinking green tea and talking about a Montana Wilderness proposal. While there I saw about sixty Gray-crowned Rosy finches and about 20 Common Redpolls come into the women’s sunflower seed choked  backyard feeders while we talked about Wilderness and drank Green Tea. Last year I almost stepped on White-winged Crossbills that was an almost tragic adventure in birding…thank goodness I did not step on the tame, but quick, bird. While camping in the Crazy Mountains at Porcupine Gaurd Station. The Highlite was a morning visit by a Great-gray Owl, it was close and visited  for a long time. My children and their mother got good looks at the owl.

In another adventure I was hiking, with a graduate student to be picked up by plain in the Copper River Delta of Alaska. I was visited, at ten feet, for several seconds by a Hawk Owl. It was a  traumatic trip but I was aware of the importance of the siting of the owl, so I stopped for a good look at tthe bird.

You know when I was a teenager I went to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge…now ravaged by global warming. As a youngster a highlite was the observation of Brown-headed Nuthatch. On that same trip I did observe my first Golden Eagle and Rough-legged Hawk on that same trip.



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