Climate Change and More

I am heartened by Obamas good intentions on a lot of things about clean energy. I see this as a vast improvement over the dark days of Cheney and Bush.

Nuclear Energy remains controversial, to this day. I see that Dr. Hanson supports developing it and groups like  NRDC do not. See their (NRDC) front webpage on their viewpoint on climate change.

Montana is a coal producing state so it (Montana) is pushing “clean coal” as a transitional form of energy. Hanson does not support the use of coal as an “anything” fuel. My read is that Hanson wants us to skip over coal or he sees “the end of times” as we know it coming fast!!! NRDC supports looking at carbon sequestration so that we can see if it is a viable technology. Who is right?!!!!

For me we will unfortunately lose some of my favorite wildlife species as we experiment, so I am not sure where to come down on that one. Timing and tipping point will shape my viewpoint and so will what biodiversity will we lose if technologies like sequestration are researched?

Wowe’s me. Where does it all end and were are these questions going. I did ask a confidant these questions and her writing was better than mine but this person had many questions as well. What a complicated issue climate change is.



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