There is a debate On Climate Change…It Is on T.V. and the Gloves are finally coming off.

Its about time. I just hope its not to late. I actually heard a debate on globalwarming by the press. I got the sense that advoc tes of the position that we have a warming planet have not done a good job explaning their poinof view. Mitch Mconnel and Rush Limbaugh described the science behind a warming planet as a joke…and “big oil” Palen jumped into the act sating that the thought of a warming planet was ridiculous.

I am getting quite fatiged by the Rush Limbaughs and Sarah Palins of the world battering the viewpoint that a warming planet is a real thing.

Global climate change advocates weret trying to explain how huge amounts of snow were related to climate change. I do not like  the storms in the mid-Atlantic States, but view snowless ski Hills, like the skihill in Vancouver, contrast that with the images we have seen on the east coast of the huge glacial snowstorms they have gotten.

One of the things that frusterates me about the hard knuckled debates on global climate change that are seen on telivision, I saw a press that was sympatetic to the viewpoint that global climate change is really happening (I agree). But the data that the press had from good climate  change scientists is very confusing and the press did not seem to know how to react to the data. Unbelievable!!!!



One Response to “There is a debate On Climate Change…It Is on T.V. and the Gloves are finally coming off.”

  1. Dr. Horst Borchert EIKE Says:

    Global Worming is sun made, not antropogenic
    We start together in the “Landscheidt-Minimum”
    please learn more about Climate Change, it’s natural,
    please forget Your “CO2-Religion”
    please look to my Webside

    Sincerely Yours
    Dr. Horst Borchert
    Physik Direktor
    Mainz Germany

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